Friday, November 12, 2010

San Pedro Stories: 1911

San Pedro Stories: The Nazarene, 1911

“The Nazarene” by John Fleming Wilson, Harper’s Magazine, Vol. 38, No.3, January 1912, pgs 274-277

San Pedro has always been home to colorful characters. The following short story by John Fleming Wilson about a silent seaman-preacher also captures the feel of life on the San Pedro docks in 1911 with brief descriptions of the Terminal Island ferry, wharfs and stevedores.

The following “postcard” shows the San Pedro and harbor experienced by the author of the story—including the ferry, the “main town” and the Terminal Island wharfs at night. It also shows both of the larger “modern” steamers (the Yale and the Harvard) that started running at that time and which made the discomforts of “deck passage” much less common.

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